A Teeny Weenie Pink Polka Dot Party!

pot de creme Polka dots, pearls, and pot de creme is one way to keep a woman in her fifties feeling glamorous on her birthday! After a long weekend trip away for business, my mother returned home in time for a small "happy birthday" sing along before she went off to bed. Earlier in the week I asked if she either wanted her famous sour cream fudge cake or pot de creme to enjoy when she arrived home. And if I don't know my mother, she's always down for anything decadent with chocolate. But since I got no answer on either choice, I went with pot de creme in which I decided to top with whipped cream and rhubarb sugar. I admire the individual cupcake cups because they create consistent portion sizes and make way for easy cleanup. And when I clean up that just means my mom has to "clean up" after me, so I made it a bit easier on both our parts (haha)!

Considering the love, ambition, dedication, and care you put into your life, I hope the next year is fabulous like you. Happy Birthday to my queen!