"Leeking" Purple

file (12) I didn't know how the purple potato would turn out in this dish with the idea I had in mind. In order to create the purple base of this plate in the manner I had previously imaged, I did a lot of tedious experimenting.  It took a mandolin, 1.5 inch round cutter, and lots of patience to re- create the shape I wanted the potato to become. Accompanying the purple starch is Sockeye Salmon, charred leeks, bacon leek puree, asparagus, and bacon broth. The salmon itself was pan seared and basted with bubbly brown butter. The branded leeks echo the flavor of the leek and bacon puree that glue the asparagus tip to the fish. And, to bring everything "full circle" a table- side pour of piping hot bacon broth is added right before consumption.