Premiere: Living By Design

It’s finally here! After multiple trips to the west coast, straight weeks of shopping, prepping, beautifying food, traveling, and shooting tv we have made it! PowerHouse Productions is so thrilled to share this series and I am so grateful to be on the team! A redesign show with a food element is the best of two worlds collided. Design and food connect through creativity and passion for the basic human needs of comfort and joy!

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New Soul Kitchen

This is a super awesome time! New Soul Kitchen is airing this week on Saturday, March 16th. Cleo TV will be featuring a new series with Jernard Wells and Porsche Thomas highlighting soul food in their own very unique ways. Porsche Thomas will create her version of soul food, through a vegan lens! Very interesting, actually, and a great show to watch if you are looking to transform and still want to eat yummy, rich foods. Her co-star Jernard Wells is such a hoot and I always looked forward to his silly commentary on set.

I really enjoyed my time working with the talent! This was my first major shoot and it was a TOTAL whirlwind, shooting 12 smaller episodes in just 3 days. And, It happened, it really did. I’m talking about all-nighters, fighting off an intrusive cold with nasal spray- which actually worked it’s magic in only a few hours, and juggling food shopping, recipe reviews, photographing beauty shots, and setting up and breaking down three sets a day. It was like a crash course of sorts and I had to juggle leadership with perseverance. It was an incredible challenge.

But this sweet series is finally here and I cannot wait to share more!