Hello! I’m Francesca (Franki) and I am thrilled to share my stories and photos about my life devoted to food, bits of travel, and everyday spunk on this blog I started a few years ago. I am an alumna of the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Studies currently working as a Culinary Associate Producer for PowerHouse Productions TV.

I am on the search for my passion in food media, may it be editorial or television, test kitchens or food styling and many other opportunities that revolve around perfect lighting, creative talent, inspiring stories, and the most delicious and sophisticated food. As a native NY gal for over twenty years, I set off to Italy for three months studying the 20 regions of cuisine. Each day I snuck to the corner of the kitchen to catch the natural light with a single prop or white cloth to style that day's feast; then later tapping away at my keyboard explaining the 5 w’s to Italian food culture and life. For me, Italy emphasized why I should continue devoting time to this space, realizing how important it is that I continue learning, writing, and expressing myself through my blog as I progress through my early career. I think it's important to collaborate with other brands and be unique, so I am always finding new ways to tell a good story or share the tidbits, especially with a stylish approach. 

If you are curious about the smaller bits...

  • I am almost always craving and eating a bowl of pasta- preferably dried, cut pasta- or dumplings with chili oil.

  • When I talk sweet talk I mean sundaes with hot fudge, whipped cream, and sprinkles. I hardly need ice-cream as a base because I will just eat the toppings! I am equal parts savory and sweet; so I could eat pastries just as much as pasta. My go-to pastries are always chocolate or raspberry cigars and crispy, crunchy greasy sfogliatella from La Deliziosa Pastry Shop, Poughkeepsie NY.

  • I adore dainty floral arrangements and may often style a photo with the final addition of some sort of flower.

  • I love writing lists and keeping organized, especially in my pink agenda that I asked for on my last birthday (call me neurotic). And it's not uncommon to find me reorganizing a cupboard or closet aligning brands, colors, and heights of various objects.

  • Big beautiful headbands and rustic aprons are my fashion statement to a better-looking kitchen uniform. I love putting up a high bun and zipping around the kitchen or studio set with my boho- chic look.

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